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              1. 中文|English

                Guangzhou Bo-yang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

                Date: 2013-10-25

                    Guangzhou Bo-yang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, based on high-tech, has been focusing on R&D, custom synthesis, fine chemicals trade for years. Supported by several well-known universities and research institutions which are located in Guangzhou University City and Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou Bo-yang has been specializing in the field of green organic synthesis technologies including new processes and new products development. Guangzhou Bo-yang is equipped with advanced scientific research laboratory, analytical center and pilot plant, which makes it possessing strong R&D capability as well as considerable manufacturing ability.
                    Bo-yang owns specialized technologies in synthesize sulfur and nitrogen organic compounds. The most competitive products include: a series of pyrithione, organic nitrogen oxide, sulfone / thioether / disulfide, sulfhydryl compound, hydroxy heterocyclic compound, purines and anilines. Company offers a wide range of custom synthesis services in organic intermediates, and provides all the type of sulfur, nitrogen fine chemicals from grams to tons.