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              1. 中文|English

                    Guangzhou Bo-yang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, based on high-tech, has been focusing on R&D, custom synthesis, fine chemicals trade for years. Supported by several well-known universities and research institutions which are located in Guangzhou University City and Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou Bo-yang has been specializing in the field of green organic synthesis technologies including new processes and new products development. Guangzhou Bo-yang is equipped with advanced scientific research laboratory, analytical center and pilot plant, which makes it possessing strong R&D capability as well as considerable manufacturing ability.

                    Bo-yang owns specialized technologies in synthesize sulfur and nitrogen organic compounds. The most competitive products include: a series of pyrithione, organic nitrogen oxide, sulfone / thioether / disulfide, sulfhydryl compound, hydroxy heterocyclic compound, purines and anilines. Company offers a wide range of custom synthesis services in organic intermediates, and provides all the type of sulfur, nitrogen fine chemicals from grams to tons.
                    Bo-yang chemical engineering technologies have introduced green synthesis technology and have been sticking to the concept of high environmental protection, high-quality, low-cost industrial production. It has been committing to high-tech industrialization, new synthetic process to produce pyrithione, sodium pyrithione, zinc pyrithione, copper pyrithione, p-bromoacetanilide, 2-hydroxypyridine, 2-mercaptopyridine, dimethyl sulfoxide, trithio-cyanuricaci and its trisodium salt as well as other products, which have been transformed into scale production.
                    Bo-yang has established and consolidated partnership with several universities and scientific research institutions to supply various reagents and consumables including chemical reagents, biochemical reagents, glassware, experimental equipments. We also have been working closely with College Experimental Center and some leading companies in the industry, which makes us capable to provide high-end medicine, dyes, pesticides, functionality material intermediates at a favorite price.
                    Committing ourself to "Professional, Dedicated, Profound" professionalism along with high volume of technologies and experiences accumulated in decades, Bo-yang workers persist to the business principle of "customer centered, determined to pursue progress, strength and difference" and strive to provide every customers with superior services.